Rice, Corn, Asparagus- Oh My!

This is the perfect example of using what you have to create a meal. I scavenged through my fridge and cupboards around 5 o’clock today looking for something filling to eat for dinner. 

As college kids know too well, I’m trying to use up all I can before I go grocery shopping again. 

I grabbed some frozen asparagus and frozen corn from my freezer while I started boiling water for my brown rice. 

OKAY- time for a pet peeve. Brown rice takes forever to cook. Like 45 minutes. So if you have patient, do the brown rice, but if you’re like me, do white rice when you’re in a hurry. 

After waiting for what felt like hours for my brown rice to cook, I cooked my corn and my asparagus which took 10 minutes tops. I popped my asparagus in the oven on broil to crisp it up a bit. I chopped up some onions to put on top of the asparagus. 

When I took it out, I covered it with olive oil and vinegar. My meal was finally ready to go. 

I mixed the corn and rice together- adding some garlic, Italian seasoning, butter, salt and pepper. The meal is easy, cheap and delicious. 

The only thing I hate about this meal is that you can’t make it in a hurry, though that’s easily fixed with using white rice instead of brown. 



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