Future of Food Blogging

Flying cars, robots, flights to the moon and- food blogging?

The future of the food blogosphere is looking bright. The current advancements in technology are only helping bloggers around the world. I think the biggest developments in journalism as a whole will be wearable technology like the Apple Watch. This makes news even more accessible. Bloggers can really take advantage of this.

Independent bloggers will need to keep up with the times technologically speaking. If they don’t, the readers won’t follow. They need to have every social media platform available to them. I’m talking Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr- all of it. This is how you get the most followers and a greater audience. With these social media networks, it is easier to get a more focus audience/following as well. With hash tags and trends, people can follow their favorite bloggers who write about their favorite topics.

This is so important in the world of food blogging specifically. Instagram is vital because of food photography. It is what brings in so many viewers and makes people interested in the blog itself.

Without such technology, the blogs would fall behind and be stuck with traditional media outlets like newspapers, magazines and television. These outlets will most likely not play much of a role in the future of journalism because they are not keeping up with the readers. Blogging will be the main focus, along with any internet-based media outlet. Accessibility has become the most important aspect of how people get their news and these traditional news outlets just don’t have that aspect.

Some food blogs that have become successful because of their ability to keep up with technological advances are:


At the top of the home page of this blog, there is a bar of social media options. Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are all options to click on to follow and explore.


This is a website that actually started as an Instagram page. It focuses solely on plant-based foods. The Instagram got many followers because of good use of hash tags and following similar food blogs. This is what led to the successful development of a website which will most likely lead to some form of income for the bloggers and developers.


Image from plantempowered.com

The future of food blogging looks strong because it thrives on the ever-changing technology in the world around us. Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter all play an integral part of the success. To be a successful food blogger in the future, he/she needs to keep up with the people.


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